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The light of the cosmos originates with its harmonized features...
The expression of heart creates its own dot, its own line and faces,
so that the will which entertains is eternally spread to all.

Where there may be a thing such as an unfit dot...
Where there may be a thing such as a crooked line...
Where there may be a thing such as a dim face...
with such thoughtful consideration, your colorful rays are landing
on everything, inside and out.

Through some child;s pure eyes...
Some cholar’s impassioned eyes...
Sometimes through the eyes of some artist’s soul...
You have allready become a precious friend that guides one’s path through life.

Like a tree whose budding branches push to the sky and whose roots continue
growing a path through soil, Joeun Ink & Chemical has embr aced wonderful growth
through the success of its export business
We are greatly appreciative of those who have given their warm comfort and friendly
advice for so long. We will never forget those deeds and promise, as always, to
make our best effort to continue our contributions to the printing industry worldwide.

We will always be studying, working, reflecting, and innovating it for all.